Wednesday 11 July 2012 wear the crown...

Almost there - students adding final brushstrokes.

Year 6 students upped the artistic ante as we approached the end of week deadline - or lifeline, as they go on to spend the next two weeks at the High School prior to returning as Year 7 pupils in early September.

And we're done!

Early Friday morning the great unveiling took place in Hilgay playground. Teacher - and essentially Lady of the Mural - Teresa Murawski, welcomed the parents to the school, and proceeded to recount the creative journey from initial sketces and ideas to finished acrylic and marker artwork. 
Teresa conducted the the presentation admirably, and was extremely generous when it came to thanking me for my own contribution and efforts. I felt a little overwhelmed on the third 'hip hip hooray' and am very grateful for the vouchers for local art shop 'Framin' Art' and also the signed card and gift from Year 6. 
Students proudly posing while taking instruction from off-stage photographer Alan Miller.

It being a little too early in the day for me to communicate with any more than a handful of people I mumbled my thanks and explained that the students had all the talent and team work, and all I did was steer them along the way. 
Particularly since without the efforts and organisation of Teresa Murawski and her fellow teachers, there would be no Year 6 Jubilee/ Olympics Mural with or without my help - three more cheers please.

Admittedly - having diverged so much from last year's painted style of mural - it was as much try it and see for me, as it was for the students - who took it all in their stride and rose to the challenge admirably.

Photographer Alan Miller joined us later in the morning to take photos of the kids and this year's mural for local paper The Lynn News, and posterity of course. 

Final signed version of Hilgay School Year 6 Jubilee/Olympic Mural 2012.

On Friday afternoon the students completed their end of year Jubilee/Olympic mural by 'signing' it Hollywood style - with their handprints! 
But not by pressing them in cement on the pavement, but by pressing their patriotically painted hands onto the mural margins, drawing around the coloured hand shapes, and then finally signing their names beside the handprints.
 Congratulations on a great job well done! 
Three cheers for Year 6 eight Mega Mural Artists Supreme!! 

One of eight certificates awarded to Year 6 Muralists.

And following the execution of the last few handprints, I couldn't resist taking the following three photos, for whose title I am indebted to Gary Bird and the Gary Bird Experience...

 'You Wear the Crown...'

I don't know what next year's mural will look like or what it's theme might be - but I do know there'll be teddy bears...

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