Wednesday 4 July 2012 and mine, and Chango makes nine...

A big welcome back to Linda who rewarded us all with goodie bag of Italian chocolates which we dutifully passed around a thankfully smaller group this evening. 
And no chocolate alarm bells rang  - or any other for that matter - when our newest member arrived paw in hand with his owner - Jinx. I can only say that the almost unexpected entrance of the irrepressible Chango was - had we started drawing and/or painting - a showstopper! 

Chango taking a well earned break.

Chango's presence throughout the evening, whether he was flybusting amongst a muffled cacophony of paws banging and buzz buzzing, or dozing serenely beside Becky and Ray, was an absolute delight and inspiration. So much so that I think Chango might be joining us again on the 16th July when we tackle our life drawing theme. He is now officially on the register.

Plunge into the potted dimension of Marie's purple pansies.

Well done to all who took on Marie's extremely complex pot of ever growing pansies, amply contrasted by the chrome and black of the tea urn and burnished aluminium of the metal kettles. 
You'd think with all my restaurant experience I'd be able to remember how many teas and coffees to make - oh well, I think the jam tarts saved my bacon. Any volunteers?

Staircase put to excellent use as tea station.

Apologies to everyone for my ineptitude in the use of my son's camera - particularly since all I had was my finger on the wrong button! Could happen to anyone - though I did seem to make a big fuss of it...anyway we have pix aplenty.

Did anyone notice I didn't dispense many words of graphic wisdom this evening, fortunately Ann stepped into the instructive breach...

Vivien's preliminary approach to tea urn.

So next meeting, with our mini staircase in place again - for those who want to take part -  we'll be posing for five or ten minutes. I'm sure I'll be doing a passable impression of a man sleeping when it's my turn. Wake me up when it's time to go go...

And way to go Ray, with those paints. You're braver than me. 
Took me years to start attempting to use colour. 
And then I went into the restaurant business - anything to get out of painting.

'Is my time up?'

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