Tuesday 24 July 2012

...HAG 6 and the kiss of life drawing...

Hi, and welcome to one and all. 
Our sixth meeting saw the appearance of not one or two but three (or maybe four if you count Tom, who was persuaded to join in with a drawing), new attendees/members. 
A big hello to Sarah, Bette, Linda and Tom. 
This week as well as the all-encompassing mahonia still life with vintage (60s) ceramic Stergene flask, some of us also bravely ventured into the realm of life drawing.

The table arrangement making full use of the lighting at stage right.

Since it was my idea I felt obliged to strike the first ten minute pose, which I felt I did with confidence. Although as ten minutes turned first into fifteen, and then twenty, the rifle I was holding began to rotate as it became heavier - I was relieved of this heavy burden by a concerned member of the group. Ann I think or perhaps Jean.
At 35 minutes - phew! - I triumphantly left my post. At first glance it was clear that the drawings had captured my riveting gaze and iron grip. Congratulations also to those for whom this was their first attempt at life drawing. I'm always pleasantly surprised when, after having said they haven't done this or that before, someone turns in an informed and successful drawing or painting - brilliant!

Ann's dynamic pencil drawing of my first pose.

After a well earned break for tea and biscuits - of course,  Ann assumed her position in the spotlight and on the staircase for her ten minutes of fame. I noticed various members switching from still life to life drawing and vice versa - and back again in some cases. 
I'd like to think the class is as versatile as you want it to be. And please if you have any suggestions, just let me know - I'm sure we'll try anything once, and twice if we like it. 
There were times during the meeting that I was sure that Chango - as he wandered from still life to staircase - would inadvertantly become part of the life drawing study. Anytime your ready Chango. 
Ann maintained a steady and almost effortless pose as she approached forty five minutes, placing me if not to shame at least to second place. Hmm, can you practice posing? I guess dozing off doesn't count...

Jean's all encompassing mahonia - watercolour.

Above is Jean's interpretation of the mahonia still life - a case of someone having said they haven't done this or that before, and then turning in an informed and successful drawing or painting - brilliant! 
And not for the first time. 
Thanks to everyone for attending, producing great work, and helping clear up at meeting's end. Keep up the good work. If you get time - even ten minutes - fill a page in your sketch book - black technical pens are ideal for this, or even a biro. 
Cheers and see you all on Monday the 30th July. 
There may or may not be more life drawing, but there will be hats! 

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