Monday 2 July 2012

...I say charcoal - you say digital... when it came to transferring the full size drawing to the two metre square board we had a choice whether to do as we did last year and cut out the separate shapes, blu-tak them in place and draw around them, adding the interior details by eye afterwards, or - tackle the future by going back to the past. 

When I was at school the standard practise to trace something on to another surface was to rub a soft pencil on the back of the drawing, turn it right side up, position it accordingly, and redraw over the original drawing thereby transfering it to the paper/surface beneath. 
OK, it's 2012 but why not give this tried and trusted method a go? 

Using  a window as makeshift lightbox, charcoal was applied to the reverse of the drawing...

With a little anxiety - after all this might not work, and I'll have made a mess of the large master print - I forged ahead covering the all appropriate areas with charcoal - I was ten again. Have faith!

...and to all three sections of the blown up print.

Thankfully traditional and digital worked well together - getting charcoal on the back of the High School Print Centre's super large copy of the original design (a big thank you to Helen), meant we could successfully trace the whole drawing faithfully onto the mural boards, thereby saving me getting egg on my face.

With the final drawing in place on the boards the students were invited to  draw over their own olympic character and London landmark in permanent marker pen, thereby retaining there own style throughout!

All the drawing groundwork is now in place - Year 6 just need to paint it... 
Watch this space.

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