Friday 10 February 2017

Superhero Power? No - Flower Power!

 Sunflower Power! 

When I was asked to step in and provide an impromptu art and craft workshop for the Downham Stroke Association - naturally I went straight to my default setting and thought - 'Superheroes!' - of course I'll do it. 

Having already carried out in December a 'Create-A-Christmas Card' 
workshop I thought this would make a nice change of pace.

As it happened discussing the workshop with Estelle, we decided the superheroes weren't crafty enough. Searching for an alternative subject - 
I wasn't quite sure what to do, but remembered an image I had seen the previous day on facebook. 

Framin' Art's Rebecca Elliott had posted her drawing of a sunflower 
- I had my subject!

Finding an appropriate sunflower image on line, I drew a marker line around it - and then proceeded to dismantle it

After rigorous scalpeling and scissoring the night before, we had the the stem and leaves, two sets of ray flowers, and the seeds/disc flowers - all systems go! 

Now it was simply a case of applying the colour with paint, pastels, markers or inks. And when dry - with the aid of a trusty glue stick - Sunflowers Assemble!

A big thank you to Ken, Janice, Paddy, the very creative gentleman 
beside Muriel, and Chris for taking part and producing some of the 
brightest (and exotic) sunflowers this side of King's Lynn!


Ok - there are two extra sunflowers on display - we couldn't let the members have all the fun - 
Estelle and I produced a couple of pastel sunflowers ourselves. 
(First piece of artwork I'd done in ages).

 Hope you enjoyed the sunflowers as much as we all enjoyed producing them.

Next time - 

The Superheroes!