Monday 27 October 2014

A printer, a printer - my kingdom for a printer...

   Quality 5 x 7 Greetings cards? 
We don't need the technology -
 we just need Digital Colour Services! 

'Ely Cathedral' - taken from the 'Ely & Downham Market 2015 Calendar' range of cards.

Well, Digital Colour Services are a printer you don't want shout about 
- they are so good you want to keep them all to yourself! 

I'd been looking some time for a printer for my 5 x 7 card designs, and the sample service they offer and their technical advice certainly makes it easier to give them a try. I received my card delivery last Friday, and opened them on Ely market on the Saturday - what a nice surprise! 

I work in pen & ink and watercolour and the cards had excellent colours, 
solid blacks and sharp lines. And my art & design wasn't bad either. 
From the first telephone call to the final delivery - brilliant. 

Against my better judgement, I'm already recommending 
them to all and sundry.

Yep - grand architecture, furry animals, explosive superheroes...

...have I left anything out...?

For great printing - contact Ellie
01363 777101