Thursday 5 July 2012

...painting by Year 6 numbers...

Previously - original artwork was blown up to two metre square, marked on the back with charcoal and traced carefully onto the painted wooden boards.

First third of drawing being traced onto painted boards - amongst steady stream of tea and biscuits.

While the pupils addressed all linework with equal verve and enthusiasm, where ever there appeared a problem on the horizon, or more accurately the students were all drawn out, I was ready and willing to step into the momentary breach. Here I am adding additional aplomb to the Globe Theatre - if only! 
God bless you William Shakespeare.

Applying finishing touches to Globe Theatre.

Pupils each redrew their own characters and buildings with a variety permanent markers. Once these were all in place, the mixing and application of acrylic paints - first a light wash followed by a heavier opaque mixture - began.

Acrylic colours mixed by budding muralists...

After a few days the pupils had each tackled their own Olympic figure, bringing a strong individual style to their own work, and retaining much of the original drawing quality!

Olympic characters  - painting nearing completion...

Most students were happy to stick to their original idea and would develop these further. 
One student chose to go a whole different route and bravely relegated his footballer to the substitute bench and brought on instead a sportsman of a different stripe entirely - an exciting BMX cyclist who showed us his best side riding into centre stage from the bottom left.

This year 6 student shows us a canvas painting of her grandad's work.

This pupil gives us a proud glimpse of her drawing origins while showing us a canvas of a rabbit painted by her grandad.

Final details going into Union Jack and first details for Queen's emblem.

Slowly but surely -  although in some cases quickly and boldly - the students brought their respective personalities to two dimensional life. Returning to their subjects time after time to refine and add further detail where and when required.

Artwork continued at back of class, while frontwise pupils studied maths and english.

The students worked very well together on the mural, exhibiting a fine sense of team work, great timing, and cameraderie throughout. Very well done! 
The mural and the muralists progressed artistically and admirably.

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