Saturday 13 October 2012

...finally - five years in the making - The Downham Market 2013 Calendar!...

I prefer to set up an easel and draw from life, using photographs as back up reference in the studio, rather than entirely from photos. I find this gets you out of the studio and allows you get to know your subject better, and check on any details directly.  
Another added bonus of course is that it puts you in the public eye, and in touch with the people of Downham Market. This is great for being more sociable, and getting comments and feedback from your audience - most of it complimentary. 
So a big thank you goes out to all the toddlers, teenagers, mums and dads, and senior citizens for all your stories, support and interest over the past few years. And finally - having talked about it for some time - here's the Downham Market 2013 Calendar! 
Hope you enjoy it as much I did while drawing it.

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