Wednesday 10 October 2012

...daleks, ducks and multi media...

OK, I am surely running late with  my blog. 
Having diverted my attention to the completion of my 'Downham Market 2013 Calendar' - drawing, designing, marketing and printing - and what an education it's been, I thought I'd better get my Hilgay Art Group posts up to date. 
I'm not going to ramble on - too much - just to say thanks to all the members for making the art group as enjoyable and sociable as it is. 
And also a big thank you to Marie for contributing all and sundry plants and objects regularly to the two still lifes we have each meeting. 
Animal, vegetable, mineral - what shall I choose this week? 
Although I tend to walk a set drawing path, it is exciting and inspiring to see other artists this week, such as Sarah - pastels and crepe paper, Ann - watercolour and anything to hand I expect, and Jinx, correct me if I'm wrong - acrylic on canvas - approaching their own work with a much broader media palette and versatility. 



Multi media - ate?

Half past eight?


Perhaps when I come in to the art group myself I should leave pencil and pen & ink behind and make a point of using other media such as pastels, acrylics, charcoal and - well - you name it. 
Anything you do which is beyond your chosen area of expertise can only serve to inform and refresh your abilities and outlook. 

Too Late.


Hmm, better start listening to my own advice...

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