Monday 1 October 2012

...flamin' Framin' Art...

You might think that of all the demonstrations you can attend, that a demo on the art of picture framing might be a tad less interesting than say a talk on drawing animals using pastels, or pen and ink watercolour landscapes. 
Thankfully - owing to the to the expertise, knowledge and downright entertainablity of Framin' Art's Simon Prior we all enjoyed an evening which not only matched more obviously artistic demos but according to some fellow members - exceeded them for sheer enjoyment value!

Framin' Art - Downham Market High street.

During Simon's talk he handed out sample corner mounts with frames  and asked us to extend our painting and presentation skills into selecting the appropriate frames and mounts for the accompanying pictures. 
In view of the fact that a few of us go into our local framers and often ask for the 'usual' please - it was interesting to see the possible alternatives, or how a different frame or mount can alter or enhance a painting or illustration.

Assorted mounts and...


Following our tea and coffee break we were invited to try our hands at  the new selection of Pip Seymour acrylic and watercolour paints. Needless to say we were in our element! 

Pip Seymour acrylic and watercolour paints.

All in all, Simon's comments that this was his first demo to the contrary -  he entertained and enlightened us like a seasoned professional. I'd like to think that after 20 years or so in the Air Force, his experience of the The Downham Art Circle wasn't too demanding.
Look forward to seeing him again, and if you can't wait for the next flamin' Framin' Art roadshow - Simon can be seen at the well known site of Knott's Art Shop where alongside a broad selection of art materials, he'll be dispensing advice on framing at - where else? - Framin' Art. 

And what is the secret of that invisible glass...?

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