Tuesday 8 May 2018

...My Favourite Restaurant...

Since I'm taking a 'Draw Anything!' approach to - well - drawing 
in general and the workshop in particular, I thought I'd base today's 
workshop on drawing restaurant and kitchen equipment. 

Having been a restaurateur for over twenty years 
- it seemed the obvious thing to do...

I also incorporated examples of 1950s neon signage as part of 
the exercise, adding your own name in place of the existing name 
- ie 'Ray's Tavern' would become 'Fred's Tavern' allows 
you to personalise the sign.

I hadn't assigned any homework last week, but Les 
surprised us all by bringing in his completed radio 
drawing, adding greater contrast and detail. 

While Fred, having owned a pub himself ably tackled the signage, 
Les and Tony took on the still life I assembled and produced 
a complete composition, incorporating line and tone.


Hmmm, I brought in colouring pencils, but considering the still life 
was stainless steel, black plastic, chrome and glass - probably needn't
have bothered. Although Fred certainly made good use of them!


Since everybody was progressing nicely I felt somewhat 
redundant so thought I'd better join in and get drawing myself.

Once more - no time for drawing heroes or villains! 

Next week - join us for...

Mirror Mirror - Face On! 

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