Tuesday 8 May 2018

...Boxes, Cylinders and Spheres...

When I was asked to hold a drawing class alongside the existing 
painting and craft classes at the King's Lynn Stroke Association group, 
I had to ask myself - 'How do you draw?' and 'What do we want to 
gain from drawing?'

It became clear to me that it is one thing to be able to draw, 
and quite another to teach or show someone else (who may not 
have drawn anything since school) how to draw.

In all my previous demos and classes with various groups, of all ages, 
the common theme is fun. In my view we are not trying to be photographic 
in our efforts, but capture in our own way - using our own methods and 
abilities - the appearance and spirit of an object.

Since most objects we'll want to draw are based essentially on simple shapes, 
I prepared a workshop utilising boxes, cylinders and spheres. 

I find that I often take drawing perhaps too seriously, in that I am 
concerned that it requires appropriate preparation, time and  application. 

It is in fact a lot easier if you prep less, 
possibly take less time and just go for it!

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Which is exactly what we did - and here are the results... 

Having tackled the fundamental shapes of drawing - it wasn't long before 
these skills were applied to more familiar objects like wine bottles and kettles,
as well as unusual objects like Greek coffee pots.

 It became clear that my still life inventory was becoming exhausted -
I quickly ransacked the kitchen for additional items to draw

Coffee beaker. Electric kettle. Glasses tray.

 It seemed there was no keeping up with the guys - I went back into 
the kitchen, came out with the toaster, remembered the radio I brought 
in, and disconnected the speaker in the corner. 

Back in business!

Well - we ran out of time and were unable to Design a Superhero today.
A big big thank you to drawing heroes Alan, John, Fred, Tony and Les for 
joining me on the first Drawing Workshop and producing such a 
wide range of excellent work!

Next Week's Workshop -  

'My Favourite Restaurant!'


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