Wednesday 9 May 2018

...Mirror - Mirror - Face On...

Preparing ahead, I'd photographed Tony, Les and Fred last week 
with the intention of holding a portrait workshop. 

I mentioned that I had been in the restaurant business and felt 
obliged to bring in some snacks i.e. Jam Tarts and Viennese Whirls. 
Oh yeah - I also discovered how to use the CD-radio-casette 
player last week so brought in some 80s music. 

I figure if they not too keen on the drawing, maybe I can 
keep them coming back for more with Jaffa Cakes, 
Choc Chip Cookies and the Human League.

 Let's face it (no pun intended), faces - and hands - can be very
difficult to draw. There's so much going on. While attending an Ouse Life 
life drawing class I found this poster all about portraiture.  This was 
really handy for me, because I wasn't quite sure how to approach 
drawing a face, let alone teach you how

 While I was redesigning the poster instructions, I learned a lot 
myself about drawing the face, and put the knowledge to good use at 
the following life class. I realised I had been 'winging it' and hoping for 
the best. Now, being more informed I was able to draw the face 
- which I invariably left till last - with added confidence.

I brought in black and white photos of Fred, Tony and Les to assist 
them with their work, and brought mirrors along just in case John 
and Alan came along. Which is just as well, 
and Tony brought along Katie.

Very well done to all  - Alan, Fred, John, Les, Tony 
and Katie - who said she couldn't draw at all - and surprised 
us all (herself included) with an excellent self portrait.

The class showed a broad spectrum of abilities and style, 
and all drawings were very well executed and full of character

And there's more...

Since I had set up an easel and brought 
in a photo of myself - here's mine...

And yes - no superheroes, no supervillains. No comic book covers. 

  Next week folks, next week! 

Be here - for sure - for... 

  - Design a Superhero! -  

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