Monday 6 July 2015

...Year 1 - EAGLEWING MAN AND LIGHTNING GIRL!...'nuff said.


Here at Upwell Primary School, concluding my first Demo day - 
I spent an exciting final hour with Year 1 creating a couple of heroic 
characters to rival Vampress Fab and Ethiopias created earlier that day. 

I set up my easel at the front of the class and the pupils sat on the carpet, leaving me about three to four feet clearance. The easel and it's blank silhouette loomed above the children who rose to the challenge of creating a superhero with style, imagination and enthusiasm - and often swapped places on the carpet along the way.

EAGLEWING MAN aka SPIKE - amid many raised hands and voices - appeared first on the easel, replete with spiked boots and spiked 'Wolverine' style gloves, weather-beaten metal leg armour, utility belt with (with screwdriver), holstered weaponry and chest strap over chest armour. He wore  a spiked hair-do with bubble helmet and holes to match. Of course, Eagle Wing Man would not be complete without his full-blown eagle wings!

LIGHTNING GIRL followed, hot on the spiked heels of EagleWing Man, sporting chrome arm and leg armour and glistening boots to match  - I was asked 'could she have pig feet' - this seemed to be ok with the rest of the class so I drew in pig's trotters (chrome of course) - long blonde hair - 'can she have flowers in her hair?' - with daisies, flowing white cape, the ongoing theme of spikes appeared in the form of a spiky one-piece. 'Could I draw flowers around her arms?' was unanimously agreed so in came poison ivy.

Her face had yet to be drawn in, one suggestion that came out was... 'Could she have a donkey's head?'... now this might sound kinda strange, but in a recent Fantastic Four story there was indeed a pretty cool character in the inter-dimensional Light Brigade with a horses head!* so not so weird after all.

However the class found this a suggestion too far and opted for a human face with light-ray eyes. A glowing diamond held the cape in place below her neck and after much deliberation - LIGHTNING GIRL was born!    

While Year 1 were still brimming with ideas and suggestions, I was 
running out of ink and we were both out of time. And by this time the 
pupils had shuffled closer so that I had very little space to move.

A great day was had by all, and the multi-coloured world of 
superheroes and villains never be the same again!!

*Centre is the horse headed 'KAL' of the Fantastic Four's Light Brigade!


Be here NEXT BLOG for the comic and cosmic creations of 
classes Noble and Majestic - and Year 5's comic debut 

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