Tuesday 7 July 2015

...DEMO DAY 2 -Year 5 Comic Strip - Ethiopias v Vampress Fab!...


The brief for after morning break and the afternoon were quite different 
from the communal creation of good and bad superstars. 

Now that we've got these characters - what are we gonna do with them??

Stage one - characters and plot.

No worries - Year 5's finest were on the case and knew exactly what to do. They'd chosen a hero - chosen a villain - prepared a plot synopsis. 


Taking their synopsis I sketched out a simple visual narrative using long shots to set the scene, medium shots and close ups to create drama to tell their story. They could then take these visual prompts and discuss and create their own sequence of images accordingly.

Stage two - pencil layout, drawing inking/felt pen and display lettering!

As it happened, they agreed with my general layout and forged full steam ahead into the task at hand. Each chose a page to illustrate and of course every comic or book needs an exciting cover to grab the readers attention and buy it! The exploding fist leaves no doubt that this comic is without a doubt  unmissable!

Stage three - inking, lettering and colouring. 

I've got to take my hat/mask off to Year 5 in executing from scratch a four page comic strip from concept to completion in essentially three few hours. 

A great job very well done - and very well managed! 


Stage four - presentation!

Ethiopias v Vampress Fab - page 3 and cover...

Ethiopias v Vampress Fab pages 1 and 2.

Colour rendition of the hero in question - Ethiopias!


One more time - from pupils to artist - we all had a great day - many 
thanks again to school Head James Mc Burney and Year 6 Teacher David White for 
organising the day and help and support. 

Heroes All!

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