Wednesday 8 July 2015

...DEMO DAY 3 - in a classroom far far away......


...well, not so far away - Welney actually - the William Marshall Primary School.

Setting up the afternoon before, I was met with a question and answer session on superheroes, cartoons, movies and the occasional comic. 

And yes - I'm sure the pupils matched me question for question and answer for answer. From Ant-Man to Guardians of the Galaxy ('...can I draw Rocket Raccoon?'), from The Avengers ('Tony is my favourite superhero') to the X-Men ('Did you know Wolverine had bones for claws before metal?').

I returned the next morning ready to roll.

And so did they!

We hit the drawing board running, the class was composed of a variety of ages which lent itself to a well ordered and pretty much relentless stream of super ideas and suggestions.  I'd shown the class examples of characters I'd designed with another school and enquired as to whether they thought we could do as well today or even better. 

That's when a steady salvo of ideas and suggestions began... 


Cowled and diamond cloaked, vinyl white booted and gloved, the BLONDE DIAMOND, hip whip and dagger at hand - is ready to dish out fanged peroxide justice to all evil-doers - BEWARE!

LASER SPIKE - LORD OF FLAME - a bizarre amalgam of rogue robotics, 
sharp science and agriculture, skulls and beaks! Whenever he appears 
- a flaming pumpkin heralds his arrival...

HAMMERSCALE - Jellyfish face and vertigo eye. Power ring and knuckle duster. Op-art zebra skin and tail, body scales and strap-on jet boots. HAMMERSCALE - he's got Thor's hammer so he's worthy to dispense truth, justice and the Norfolk way.

Hammerscale and Laser Spike join the pantheon of Marvel's mightiest. And Batman...


An avalanche of curly frizzy hair and snakes, mesh body suit, slashed hem shift, black PVC knee-high plus platform boots, eyes only head mesh, mega cannons, talons and giant spider host! To know her is to fear her...


Part 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea', part 'The Man with Two Brains' without the second brain and no skull, part cosmic Infinity Gauntlets without the Infinity Stones, a little bit of Roman Gladiator and a splash of FM Radio but all lightning bolts of unadulterated badness - the Villains Villain - drum roll...



A wall full of fabulous superheroes and villains - and there's more...

Each morning and afternoon easel session was followed by tremendous 
creating, drawing and colouring as character after character appeared on multiple template design sheets. Cyber-Flame, Kristoff, Blue King, 
Red Queen, Super Ladybird, Batty and Kittey, Strong and Rose 
standing tall beside Superman, Spider-Man and Wolverine 
- whoever those guys are.

The advent of Serocto and Blonde Diamond...

Candidates for the new Avengers...?

A superhero size thank you to Head James McBurney, 
school secretary Julia and class teacher Lynn for all their 
help and support in organising a great day.

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