Thursday 25 April 2019

Super Orb, Iron Girl, Spider-Hulk and...EasterFox!

Driving into sunny Ely this morning, I had no idea that within a matter of hours I would be on the return journey home, having co-created/visualised Florence's Iron Girl, Felix's Spider-Hulk, Callum's Super Orb and Tindalls' Easter Fox! 

And sent Jackson home in the company of Batman, Spider-Man and Iron Man! 

Not necessarily in that order.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself - I've covered the beginning, and the end - let's have a look at the interesting bit in the middle.

As usual I've taken half my studio with me. Not entirely necessary on this occasion, since my demo venue was Tindalls Art & Graphics - had I forgotten any materials such as Promarker, Layout Pad or Blu or White tak - all were within easy reach.

Anyway, having unloaded numerous character designs, sketches, markers and greetings card - I set the stage for creation. 

No howling wind or driving rain, no thunder or lightning. On the hottest April Easter weekend on record there's no darkest night, only brightest day - inside Tindalls it's cool and it's creative.

...I figure if Captain America and Spider-Man can't persuade 
you to come in - I spell it out for good measure...

Taking Jemma's cue from a message in the Tindalls diary, I begin drawing a character wishing a 'Happy Easter' to Tindalls colleagues in the Cambridge and Newmarket stores from the Ely Crew via none other than the EasterFox (in the guise of Captain Marvel).

So there I am sketching away - not quite sure what to draw, when in walks Callum - ready to create. He knows all about his character - his name, his pose, his Egyptian heritage and the sign of the Illuminati! 

'Course he doesn't tell me this all in one go. We have to work at it - draw it out. Callum tells me what's next - I draw it. He's the brain - I'm the hands...

First we draw in the boots Captain America style, only longer so when they fold down they have a buckle and strap at the knee. Hands are raised grasping a huge glowing orb, at the centre a smaller brighter orb. 

Egyptian head guard with a triple unicorn at north, east and west. Blank eyes. The sign of the Illuminati on his forehead! Oh yeah - hanging at his side a mammoth broadsword in a leather and ruby scabbard. 

Following Callum's instructions - using a Promarker I first colour in the rays emanating from the orb, boots, horned helmet and face mask. We get dynamic complimentary colour action using greens and reds, and purples and yellows

And now - the One and Only --  SUPER ORB!  

Callum asks me if maybe he could get to take the drawing home? People - I would have to be Thanos to say NO. YES - if you create your own Hero or Villain - you have to take them home!

I get back to the EasterFox drawing - it's making a little more sense now. I reckon that she's probably holding a glowing  Infinity Egg  - possessing a power for which there is absolutely no defence - Chocolate!

I get this far when I see five year old Jackson and his parents walk in. Unfortunately Jackson does not have the time to create a hero with us today - but I cannot let him leave empty handed. After I've given him a Spider-Man and Batman sketch he tells me his favourite superhero is none other than Iron Man.

I return to the EasterFox sketch, drawing in an open masked fox's face, adding crimson, yellow and blue to the face and costume. I use dazzle rays and Kirby Krackle to enhance the Infinity Egg - almost done!

Before I can illuminate the word balloon, I'm joined by Florence and Felix. They also do not have time for a full colour drawing, so I suggest a black and white drawing each - which they can colour at home. 

Florence asks for a female version of Iron Man, and Felix wants a Marvel mash up of Spider-Man and the Hulk.

Introducing -  Iron Girl and Spider-Hulk!!  

Back to EasterFox - I quickly block in the word balloon colours, creating a reversed out effect, and letter in the character name - 'EASTERFOX'...

  Finally - a big hand for... The EASTERFOX!  

A big thanks to Callum, Florence and Felix for all their creativity and enthusiasm, staff Jemma, Alyssia and Harry at Tindalls for all their support and tea, and Mark for inviting me back for more!

The next day I received an email 
with a couple of great drawings attached...

...Florence's coloured in drawing of IRON GIRL...

...and Florence's surprise drawing of everybody's 
favourite friendly neighborhood 

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