Thursday 2 August 2012

...lanterns, life drawing and listening...

OK - I'd be hard pressed to convince anybody that holding this Monday's art class was hard work. As usual I'd set up two still lifes/lives - and a big thank you to Marie for letting me borrow a sturdy plant from the front of the house and from the lounge an eclectic array of tilley lamps and chinese lanterns.

Sarah's pencil rendition of moi sans lanterns.

Last meeting's life drawing turned out to be very popular, and it turned out that various members fancied having another go this week. Of course I volunteered again and added myself to the lantern arrangement - couldn't honestly call it still life since although I'd taken a book this time for good measure, I was no more 'unmoving' than I had been the last time.

Linda masterfully captured my 3/4 profile.

Where else can you profess to be going to 'work' but spend the bulk of your time listening to the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae, Bob Dylan, half of the first track of 'Dark Side of the Moon' ( looking forward to Frank Sinatra next time Jean!), and K D Lang, while reading the artist's self help book - 'I'd Rather Be in the Studio'? 
A big thank you to Becca for showing me her art book - excellent of course, and keep up the great work. 

Sarah's flourish of Mahonia rendered with pencil and pastel.

Thanks also to all of you who commented on my 'Town Square' commission, which - having spent this Thursday morning in Downham with a pencil and easel, is now approaching it's much delayed completion - hopefully by next meeting people.

While Ann was absent, she was with us in
spirit - a great pencil drawing by Sarah.

Finally a third thank you to all the people in Downham who commented, and complimented me on my work, some of whom had seen me take the first steps back in March when I began the preliminary layout. Although I'd drawn various elements of the square previously, I had no idea there was so much dang stuff many paving stones?!

Selection of reference books available from HAG library...

And definitely finally - What an excellent read and view Sarah Simblet's 'The Drawing Book' is - wholeheartedly recommended. It is available at it's cheapest online for £9.00 or thereabouts. I borrowed it from The King's Lynn Library, but will be returning it to Downham for anyone who is interested. Well worth a look!


See you all on Monday 13th of August - I swear I won't be sitting around not even pretending to look busy. And yeah I know - where are the hats...?

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