Wednesday 29 August 2012 Superman and the WNAA saved my bacon...

What do you do when your A2+ finished commissioned artwork is accidentally skrunched in a scanner??! 

You don't ring the Batphone.  
You don't call International Rescue. 
Forget The Sweeney. 
Ignore Jamie Oliver.
You contact Stephen Martyn of the WNAA aka - The West Norfolk Artists Association! 
Explain the emergency, and hopefully the members experience will come through with a solution.  
Having spent the equivalent of almost two solid weeks on the commission I was understandably reticent to immediately put into practice the suggestions. Eventually, having prevaricated for  a suitable length of time, I felt it was time to pass the artwork on to the client. 
Revitalised after a couple of days break on the Norfolk coast I was ready to implement Stephen's own suggestion... 

The artwork - weighed down by superpowers
and dynamic anatomy!

I carefully moistened the indented areas of the Bristol Board both sides, applied a smaller piece of dry Bristol Board either side of the damaged corners and then weighed them down with a healthy dose of anatomy books and 'DC  Comics - Sixty Years of the World's Favorite Comic Book Heroes!'. 
I gave it an hour or so before having a look - flattening off nicely - what a relief!
Three hours later - had I been none the wiser - I'd have no idea the artwork had been damaged at all. Still being weighed down for good measure though... 

Mightily weighed down for good measure...

The West Norfolk Artists Association - you know it makes sense.
Now I can sell my artwork with confidence, and look any scanner in the lense.

A big thank you to Stephen and all the members who came through with their advice.

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