Thursday 26 April 2012

...Lee & Kirby burning bright...

Avengers 1 - Marvel Comics
On the day of the release of what is possibly the ultimate superhero movie, why don't we take a look at who we've really got to thank for the oncoming spectacle.
Nowhere were the flames of comic book creativity stoked more fiercely and with greater love and passion, than in the ten foot 'Dungeon' studio of Jack Kirby.

Jack in his basement studio
The white hot almost alchemical fusion of Kirby's power and creativity, with Stan Lee's humanistic characterisation, humour and goldanged irrepressible hucksterism, created a brave new world of superheroes. 
Stan and Jack's multitude of Marvel Comic characters continue to edify and entertain us, and influence and inspire us fifty years on into the 21st century!
Stan and that month's Marvels
In popular culture terms Lee & Kirby were the comic book industry's Lennon and McCartney - they revolutionised the worlds of comics and entertainment. 
There isn't a thank-you big enough, but thanks. 

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