Sunday 22 April 2012 a brick studio in a garden not so far away...

'Cara's paklava' - pen & ink and watercolour
How come when you've been looking for a piece of artwork high and low for the past 20 minutes - that needs sending off shortly - just when you think you're going to have to turn the studio upside down - and baffled since you'd set it aside  'just the other day' so that you wouldn't forget it - that you finally remember, via a series of totally unconnected thought processes, that you placed it in the scanner...? 
Pictured above is the illustration in question - ' Cara's paklava'. 
Greek Easter was imminent and my daughter Cara chose to make this well known greek pastry.  This is no mean feat considering that owing to the labour intensive nature of this recipe, even my mum - Cara's yiayia - had not made them before.
Happy Easter, or as they say in Cyprus - 'Kalo Baska!'

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