Wednesday 1 August 2018

...Menace...Mischief...and Peril...

 ...Menace, Mischief and Peril in West Norfolk!

Having previously carried out superhero themed Demos and Workshops in Norfolk libraries, when I was asked to hold another series of workshops,  I naturally assumed it would be more of the same - Comics and Superheroes! 

I was almost right.

Utilising a character I had not seen for quite a few years, The Reading Agency and Libraries were presenting a 'Mischief Makers Summer Reading Challenge' - all summer long!

That character wasn't Spider-Man, Wolverine or Gamora - the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.

Not even Thanos.

None other than probably the very first mischief maker we all read about - Dennis the Menace!

No superheroes? I was floundering. Ok - while designing the poster a 'modern day' mischief maker came to mind. Norse mythology's Loki God of Mischief.   Or more accurately Marvel Comics Loki - as seen in the early 1960s and the current Marvel films. Yep - Loki's a real mischief maker.

And if Dennis and Loki were on board - we couldn't leave out the most dangerous girl in The Dandy - Beryl the Peril! 

In order to familiarise myself with the characters I drew/copied a few sketches, and one thing lead to another. I started drawing combinations of Dennis and Beryl with various Marvel characters.

Ok - I'd combined Dennis with Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine.  Having seen 'Thor - Ragnarok' not so long ago, Beryl could only be - Hela! 

And I returned to Dennis with the aforementioned Lord of Titan - THANOS! Well, half of him anyway...

Hmm, I was getting carried away. Once we'd all drawn Dennis and Beryl a few times - What Next?! 

To keep it interesting - I had to ask a few questions...

So - I had my worksheets. I had my characters. I had my questions. 

 Mischief Makers here I come! 

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