Monday 14 August 2017

...She's not leaving home...

'Wednesday Yes. Morning no...
1 o'clock as the Stroke Association begins  
Listening to suggestions - I know they'll say more
I go up to the easel clutching the marker pen
Quietly colouring the costume in 
Stepping off the page she is free'

Sorry about that - I listened to Sgt Pepper the other day and 
cannot say 'Wednesday' without a blast of lyrics.

Anyway - within my workshops at the Downham Market Stroke Association...

..I'd covered New Life and Craft Life,

'Create- A - Christmas - Card'

'Create - A - Sunflower'

...done Half Life and Still Life -

'Draw - The - Missing - Half!'

'Still Life'

...thought it was time to do - Larger than Life!

I'd been threatening to hold a Superhero Demo/Workshop from the beginning. 

Just to get us all in the zone I brought a healthy dose of comic books and graphic novels, and for good measure a display of superhero sketches and demo designs.

I divided the members into two groups, and Chris on the left cheerily volunteered himself and his side, as the more villainous of the two; and by default on the side of right were Joanne, Logan and all those - on my right!

It seems while I was easel-eyed and busily responding to heroic sartorial suggestions from all and sundry, the group was busily creating, 
sketching and colouring their own comic characters. 


Thanks to Paddy, Logan, Joanne, Chris, Jean and all the heroic hecklers that contributed ideas - it wasn't long before we not only had two dynamic new additions to the pantheon of heroism and villainy - in the name of Horatio and Wanda - but also a bakers dozen of brand new super characters to give any Legion of Superheroes a run for their 30th Century credits!

Additional thanks to Paddy for suggesting hero Horatio's appearance might 
be further enhanced by the inclusion of a scimitar style machete - and 
would I please not forget to add the dripping blood. In colour.

...tea anyone...?

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