Monday 9 March 2015

...drawing from experience...

Looking back on the majority of the drawings and illustrations I've done in recent time, it's clear that the general population is conspicuous by their absence. It's not that I don't know how to draw people or don't want to draw people, it just seems that I appear to have drawn a line - when I draw buildings, architecture etc that's exclusively bricks and mortar. When I draw comics - as infrequently as that has been - it's cars, people, buildings - and the kitchen sink really.

'Who is that masked man?'

Thought I'd have a go at drawing people again. Since I'm clearly a little bit rusty - at least burnt umber - and enlisted the aid of trusty old tracing paper. 

Working with a dip pen and a reliably flexible 1950 nib, I'm drawing on tracing paper over photos of, well - myself, friends and family, and any image I think will lead to an interesting finished drawing.


When drawing buildings an architecture I tend to keep it all line work and adjust the weight of the line to create greater depth of field, or to enhance the three dimensionality of the subject, but rarely if ever use heavy lines, and never blacks. 

Carrying out this exercise allows me the freedom to introduce thick and thin cursive lines and pretty much make use of a comic book style of inking. Though this in itself represents a very broad spectrum of rendering these days, and could be any number of drawing and/or inking styles.

Andy - unmasked!


OK - me again... 

You're right. We need more masks...

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