Wednesday 27 February 2013

...The Nefarious Neal Adams...!

Just to say this post is a 'blog in progress', since I couldn't wait to get it online, but knew that I needed more time to do it justice. 
So hope you enjoy what you see, and please come back for more...

I'm sitting at my mac in my Norfolk studio - feeling somewhat heady - 40 hours or so after having met the man whose dynamic photo realistic artwork over four decades earlier had blasted the 1969 version of the X- Men into the stratosphere and revolutionized the comic book industry forever. 

I'd seen his work before over at DC Comics (home of Superman and Batman). Although I began reading through brother Lol's stack of DC's - which I thoroughly enjoyed (anyone remember 'Robin Dies at Dawn' or Superman Red and Superman Blue?), I had only to read one or two of the early Fantastic Four and Avengers stashed away to become a devout Marvel Comics fan. 
My twelve year old self had seen his work there and didn't care for it much - and when I opened X-Men 56 the first thought that entered my mind was - and I wasn't pleased about it - 'Oh No, it's that bloke from DC Comics!' 
It didn't take me long to come around. Neal was obviously a force to be reckoned with, and one concerned reader wrote in to the letters page and asked Stan Lee whether he'd swapped Silver Surfer artist supreme - Big John Buscema - for Adams. 
Lee was mortified, not only was Buscema chained to his drawing board, but Adams was now on board the Marvel Bullpen express. 
The floor creaked under the weight of his creative innovation.

Gulp! The Nefarious Neal Adams signing my copy of 'Batman Odyssey'!

'Don't I know you guys?' Neal and Lazarus - what a picture!


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