Saturday 15 September 2012

...all a matter of perspective...

Having agreed to begin teaching one point perspective this week, I thought it best to set up a couple of still lifes for those either already in the know regarding vanishing points and horizon lines, or those that prefer to paint and draw or work on their own projects. 

Positively vibrating off the page street...

How Ann managed to set up shop, drive back home to Downham, collect certain materials, get back and still produce the vase and flowers above as well as she has - well - I'll have some of what she's having for breakfast... 
Although I have no photos of Pamela's paintings and drawings she executes at home - well done for producing some great work! 

Precarious Olympic themed if not Olympic standard still life.

In the wake of the Olympics I'd cycled to the village hall. Having set up the newly arranged flowers at top, I was wondering what to use as the more complex, possibly non organic second still life - and then inspiration hit me! 
For any health and safety enthusiasts out there, during the class the bike was set up on a larger table, ensuring it wouldn't be setting any new world records knocking out any prospective Picasso's or David Hockney's.   
I don't recall seeing any drawings or paintings of the bike as it happens - maybe I'll try it again next week. 
Or not. 

Preliminary sketch of the village hall's one point perspective.

Having worked with perspective for sometime myself it's easy to forget how complex and mystifying a subject it can be. Owing to the extreme effect hard and sharp perspective can have on our immediate environment, it can often be difficult for a beginner to reconcile the appearance of visual anomalies with basic perspective.
Providing a building or group of buildings have been built 'squarely' with a common architectural line - all straight lines receding from the viewer will inevitably converge into one single vanishing point. The same can be said of skyscrapers and city blocks if you are looking upwards in the city. 
Again all straight lines receding from the viewer will inevitably converge into one single vanishing point among the stars. 
The single vanishing point is immediately ahead or above where ever you are looking.

Hilgay village hall with traced perspective lines.

Take a photo of any one point perspective scenario and trace the receding lines until they meet at the vanishing point. 
The blue line from left to right is the eye line or horizon line.

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