Wednesday 2 May 2012 wash or not to wash, that is the question...

Denver Post Office and Stores - Pen & Ink line
When venturing out to neighbouring Denver village for my second easel appearance - I set up camp opposite the local post office stores, and began drawing without a safety net. 
I figured that I would be more likely to get the work finished in good time if I dispensed with the pencil sketching in stage, and went straight in with good old indelible Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink!  
Excellent idea. 
It wasn't until I discarded the 1st and 2nd attempts that I began the finished article. The ink was barely dry on the front door and the canopy (and the first few courses of carrstone brickwork), when post office owner Joanne came over to see what I was up to. She offered to buy the original at such a time when it was completed. 
After that there seemed to be more pen & ink power to my drawing arm...
Denver Junction - french sepia line - no wash
While adding the finishing touches to the 'Post Office', local resident Jackie Winks asked whether I could produce a drawing of her Gatehouse home which, as it happened, sat on the single track Denver Junction railway line.
This sounded great. 
It wasn't until our site meeting when she asked me to include the original second track, her granduncle's steam train, her sons' as young boys on the opposite platform (and their dog), that I realised this would be less of a drawing and more an illustration. 
Now this was becoming a real challenge. 
Wheelbarrows at Bates Wood, Denver - Pen & Ink wash!
That said, instead of facing up the track, easel in hand - I found myself sitting in the studio facing a mac surrounded by old photographs, black and white pictures, and railway reference books. 
Jackie had also suggested I place her granddaughter behind the gate waving a handkerchief as the train approached. I don't quite recall where the cat came from, but I know that at the last minute I drew in the teddy bear.  
And, oh yes - from the beginning there was never any doubt whether to wash or not.

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