Tuesday 27 May 2014

...'Open Sesame'...

Ist scribble of random ideas as clocktower pops out of 'P' and off the page.

Just in case you thought the word  'OPEN'  popped straight into my mind as an aerial view of a small collection of 3D Downham Market style buildings replete with pop-up clocktower, celebratory bunting and a pub on each corner - which it did of course (taking into consideration the progressive evolution on the page as the drawing developed).

Anyway - just in case you thought the word  'OPEN'  appeared out of nowhere -       here are some working drawings...

A2 layout of traced initial idea with clock taped in place...

'Underwater' lightbox stage to refine final layout.

Final layout prior to transfer to Bristol Board.

Finished pen & ink artwork on bristol board.

And of course it's the   Downham Market Art Trail with Ryston   that is now open and well worth a visit!

Please visit Downham & Denver Art Trail with Ryston for further details.


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