Saturday 10 May 2014

..back to nature...

Having pretty much drawn Downham's High St view Clock Tower entirely from my photo ref on the trusty mac - what a change to get out of the studio, dust off my easel and set it up opposite Downham's King's Walk!

We're not so many weeks away from the longest day of the year, and I still don't feel that it's warm enough to draw from life outside, which I find far more informative than working solely from photographs which cannot always tell the whole story. I often revisit a site to get more reference if I find there are gaps in my information. That's OK if your four or five miles from your subject, but if you need to nip into Lynn or Ely it's not so practical.

Rough sketch layout of Downham Market's King's Walk Cemetery with one of it twin chapels in view...

I made a point of drawing in a much quicker, looser, and broader fashion with 'King's Walk' and kept the drawing open - erasing elements here and there and moving it all along as I went. This meant the composition changed somewhat as the drawing progressed, but I have a strong energetic drawing as a foundation to work with. 

I'll try and retain as much of that energy as I can while developing the drawing, but I'm bound to lose some of it as my controlled inking style takes over. We'll see how it goes...


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