Tuesday 27 May 2014

...King's Walk?...more like King's Crawl...

- more like if you compare my speed of working, it's less like a walk and more like a crawl. 

Never a sprint, and rarely a run. Although, if I'm sitting with my easel opposite the subject I'm drawing as in the preliminary drawing for Downham's King's Walk where I'm going for fast observation, quick decisions and blocking in general shapes - often moving the outlines of buildings as the drawing shrinks and expands - not always quite sure what the finished layout will be - then it's probably like a frenetic jog or power walking.

Preliminary layout - frenetic jog or power walking.

1st pencils, clarifying shapes and details - working from reference - more like a stroll...

2nd pencils - more clarification, shape and detail - a steady walk this time.

OK - not quite sure how I want to interpret the line work at this point, so a measured gait...

I want to keep the Chapel in the background, but undecided how much detail to include - light touching in of the outline and general detail. This stage - definitely a crawling King's Walk!

Keep an eye out for my next blog to see how I bring the King's Walk to it's satisfactory conclusion. Whether I get an extra burst of energy and speed up, run out of breath and steam, or - as in school cross country - go off on a tangent, dither this way and that, stop for a fag, and generally lose my graphical way...

Where did I put the Red Bull?


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