Monday 15 April 2013 the Guildhall and back again, and again...

...the selection process...

What a surprise - having received no emails or real mails regarding whether my work had been accepted into the Cambridge Drawing Society exhibition, and thereby into the society itself, I rechecked my info and it said quite clearly - mind you I don't always read everything  clearly - it said quite clearly that 'successful candidates would be notified by email or paper mail' - well by 1pm I'd pretty much assumed that I had not been successful and 'no' my work hadn't been accepted into the exhibition. 

'The Stargate' - Watermans Lane, Hilgay - Pen & Ink and Watercolour

What a surprise then having returned from an errand at 1.30 to see a letter addressed to me on the hall shelf which I hadn't noticed before - I quickly opened it and there you are - Salutations from the secretary herself - informing me that I have two pieces of work accepted into the exhibition, and an invitation to join the Society itself.  

Yiayia's House, Cyprus - Pen & Ink and Watercolour

Now to drive back to Cambridge itself, via the Isle of Eels (Ely, naturally - I still need layout paper from Tindalls Artshop), to collect the two pieces of work not selected for inclusion.

Byfords Delicatessen, Holt - Pen & Ink
Of the four pieces submitted the larger works - 'Byfords Delicatessen', and 'Reeds 100 Year Department Store' were selected to appear in the exhibition...hope you like 'em.

Reeds 100 Year Department Store, Downham Market - Pen & Ink

Please go to Cambridge Drawing Society for information about the society and what it gets up to. 
Please go to to see images of members artwork. 

  Both well worth the visit! 

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