Monday 15 April 2013

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You know how it is when you get a new toy - or even an old toy - that does things you didn't expect it to. You wanna keep playing with it.

When I finally got the hang of my old quarkxpress 4 - it didn't help trying to learn desktop publishing on a pc at the local library when you've got an imac all quarked up at home - anyway, I finally got the hang of it (still learning) - and began to turn my original artwork into 'fen&ink' greetings cards.


I didn't want the cards to be just a reproduction of the artwork. As good as it may or may not have been. 
I wanted to include a logo of some description, a micro biography, a detail of the artwork in production, and a topical or historical or even personal text piece relevant to artwork or subject therein - a complete and entertaining package as it were. 
Granted it takes a lot longer design wise, but leads to a far more interesting and attractive product I think.

BMW R750 - Chinese Replica

If the information that I feel is required isn't readily available, I'll simply go to that font of all knowledge - google - and source the appropriate history/profile that way. Interestingly, you often come away with something you hadn't bargained for. 
While researching the BMW R750 I discovered that the Russian held German production blueprints for the WWII motorbike were traded to the Chinese for apples and eggs!


When I've drawn a commission of a cat or dog, with the owner's permission to reproduce the image, I'll ask them to provide their pets story. Most of the cats I've drawn have been stray or homeless at one time or another in their lives, before finally finding a place to call home.

That's Ollie...

These cat images, poems and stories became the basis of the Cat Tales 2013 calendar. The calendar was raised £25 for local cat organisations - Stowbridge Cats Protection and Brambles Sanctuary. 
Many thanks to local veterinary practises 'The Crossings' and 'The Hollies' for all their support assisting with sales.

While we are well into the not so new year - halfway through April already -  the Cat Tales 2013 Calendar is still available to buy from the Gift Shop at my website.  
Great pictures and heartwarming stories - a must for any cat lover!

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