Thursday 21 February 2013

...silly old Blogger back for more...?!

I know. 
The question you've all been asking is - where have I been?  

OK. All three of you in Spruce Road, Downham Market...
To recap - while organising the production of the Downham Market and Cat Tales 2013 Calendars, I'd already overcome the difficulties of choosing the printer, Peterborough's finest - Print4Business, and also coming to terms with the digital language of file sharing via the wonder that is Dropbox (thanks to Martin Lightburn). 
Although the creation of the artwork may have taken place over a period a few canvases short of five years - along with my weekend presence on the witheringly cold Downham Market place, and with the help and support those good people at The Lynn News, Downham Market Life, and the many merry retailers who agreed to sell the calendar - I was able to shift the bulk of my first print run in the first five weeks or so. 
And just like Oliver - I went back for more! 
A belated tip of Santa's scarlet hat to Ex-Mayor John Doyle who kindly arranged a space for me on the market square to sell the calendars and I'm pleased to report that I have now raised £175.00 to be shared amongst the following Downham charities...
Norfolk Hospice, Downham Market Heritage Society, The Otters Swimming club for the Disabled, John and Pauline's Lifeline4Chernobyl and Silverdale Daycare Centre.

Captured in all my artistic - and optically challenged - finery by Lynn photographer Adam.

A Big Thank You... 
- to all the good people at Reeds, Mackies, Spectacular Opticians, AT Johnsons, Mr Bee/Fotostop, Elizabeth the Florist (which in times past used to be Downham's first cinema!), Burnham Homes, Emporium Jewellery, Downham Railway Station, Denver Mill, Denver Stores, Downham Country Store, Dents Farm Shop, Ali Dents Butchers and Shouldham restaurant Chalk & Cheese!
Thanks also to Karen at Norfolk Hospice, Dave at Downham Heritage Society and John and Pauline at Lifeline4Chernobyl for joining the calendar sales team. 
Plans for the next year's Downham Market calendar are already underway - watch this space!  
I will be back. 

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