Wednesday 27 February 2013

Our man in Hilgay - from superfoods to superheroes...

Many thanks to Ian Pinches - our man at Downham Market station's Railway Arms. 
Not only for taking on and promoting my Downham Market 2013 calendar, but also for recommending I contact David Learner at King's Lynn Magazine for possible media support. 

Downham Markets award-winning Railway Station houses the award-winning Railway Bar!

A few days later I telephoned David who kindly listened to my calendar pitch, but responded with a 'probably not' owing to the mag being Kings Lynn based and the calendar's theme being strictly Downham Market. Having viewed and been impressed by my work on my website, David generously offered to put my name in the proverbial hat to be possibly featured in a future edition of the King's Lynn Magazine! 
How would I like them apples? Very much, thanks. 
I received an email  from David saying that I had been selected to have a feature appear in the magazine. What followed was a most enjoyable December meeting with both David and Photographer Holly Milston - more like a casual conversation with tea and carrot cake, about comics, catering and even my Dad's Criterion Cafe for good measure!

Hat's off to both David and Holly for a great article, design and photography - and yes, I think that is my best side...

 ... I particularly liked the way David drew a strong comparison between my two vocations as restaurateur and artist, and also the difference between my fine line and watercolour illustration work and my bold energetic comic artwork.   
Very well done!
Hell, I was so impressed by the article that I would buy a commision and/or print from myself! 
KL Magazine is available at no charge from select local outlets and can also be viewed by clicking the images for a larger version, or online here in the February mag, page 84. It's an excellent magazine - well written and very well designed - well worth the read. 

Thanks again to Ian - and David and Holly - I've always got carrot cake...

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