Thursday 28 June 2012

...revenge of the pineapple...

This weeks meeting sat at 7 members who were probably cursing me for arranging such complicated still lifes such as an entire over-full fruit bowl including the bane of artists every where - the pernicious pineapple; and four very interesting tree trunks when perhaps one or two mundane trunks would have been challenge enough. 
I thought my ears were burning but attributed this to the weather rather than complaints. Still and all I did think I was getting carried away with the still lifes, but couldn't help myself. And no I'm not a sadist, and thanks for bringing it to my attention.  
A big welcome to new members Becky and Jinx and I really do hope I haven't scared you off. Good to see Ray, albeit at the end of the meeting, and looking forward to seeing you in action next week with your new paints!
If anyone has any suggestions regarding the art group, or for the still lifes themselves please don't hesitate to let me know. You're more than welcome to bring something in and save me a job.  
Finally - many thanks to one and all for agreeing to meet again in one week's time on Monday the 2nd July (and not the 9th), thereby allowing me to avoid traveling down to London on the 10pm train following the HAG meetings - and subsequently doing a great impression of the walking dead the next day. 
So just to reiterate - next meeting is next Monday 2nd July, and then every biweekly after that i.e. July 16th, 30th and so on.
Now if I recall correctly, we were discussing whether Jinx should bring in her rather large dog - whose reputation for sitting still precedes him - as a model. Dog biscuits are on me....

Once again many thanks and look forward to seeing you all next Monday 2nd July. 

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