Wednesday 27 June 2012

...murals, muriels, and muggles...

It's that time of year again and Hilgay School's Teresa Murawski has asked me if I would be available to assist 2012 Year 6 students finalise their idea - based on the prevailing Olympic and Queen's Jubilee themes - on paper, and execute this design onto the two metre square finished article. 
Always a pleasure to work with Teresa and the students, I often get to learn as much as the kids since I am invariably taken out of my pen & ink and watercolour A3 comfort zone - so yes thank you Hilgay School! 
This year's mural design by Hilgay School Year 6!
Taking the eight pupils own ideas, and drawings of themselves as olympic athletes - typically some more unusual than others - and also sketches of London landmarks from the middle ages to the 21st century, we came up with the circular design shown above, and added the emblem of Queen Elizabeth celebrating her Diamond Jubilee as a central element. 
All we need to do now is expand this image by the power of nine, draw and paint it, add any additional tweaking and fine tuning, fit this work around my own schedule, various sports days, external school visits, and two introductory weeks spent at Downham Market High School by July sixth. 
No problem/no pressure - follow this blog to see how we get on and whether we meet our deadline or not! 
And sorry, murals - yes, but there are no muriels, and after all we're all muggles, well except maybe for the Queen...

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