Wednesday 20 June 2012

...howling and meowling at the Gemini moon...

Who would think that butter would (or wouldn't), melt in this furry fella's mouth? How sweet he sleeps. Yesterday's pre-longest day's night he was like a veritable banshee wailing at the Gemini moon. 

'Big' doing what most cats do best - pen & ink

Of course, at 2am we're thinking '$%£&!!?* neighbours cat!' Thing is, on closer external inspection - it's our own cat 'Big' screaming his lungs out for England. Okay so he's standing his ground against an intruding tom - can't fault him for that, Big having been fixed and all. 
Still - on the second attempt at silencing Big, we did have to barricade him in the kitchen, since cat flaps are to Big as locks and chains were to Harry Houdini.
As it happens our house and garden are open house to at least ten other cats, some of which Big doesn't cat an eyelid for and others he'll chase off the premises. Our barn at the back of the garden has pretty much been Grand Central Station to the cat fraternity since we moved up here ten years ago... 

'Big - a hard day's night' - pen & ink in all fairness Big is a very mellow and tolerant cat, but every now and then he's got to put his padded paw down. 

'Big' in less audible greeting card format...

But please, not on a night when we've all got to get up early boy. 

...and also forthcoming calendar featuring fellow feline luminaries such as 'Brighton Bob', 'Ollie', literary aspirant and chef 'Mr Wilfred Ginge, and possibly newly christened 'Lethal Bizzle', 'Mr Fantastic' and 'Nick Furry' this space!

Although it wasn't the longest day yet, it certainly felt like the longest night!

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