Tuesday 26 March 2013

...Ratter Extraordinaire at large!...

'Pepsi' - Pen & Ink

I just love this drawing.  

My son Laz and I belong to the King's Lynn St Michael's Rifle and Pistol Club - more likely Laz is a fully functioning member, and I tag along as the responsible adult that I am.  
Fellow member, all round nice guy and mentor in the ways of target shooting - Roger Hack, having learnt that I drew pictures and not pistols for a living, asked if I would produce a drawing of his dog 'Pepsi'. 
Roger explained that 'Pepsi' had recently passed away, but what a great companion she had been! 
Pepsi had been the runt of the litter - naturally Roger took her home.

The smallest dog with out-turned 'gotty' legs grew into a Ratter Extraordinaire! Stalking the sugar beet fields to the rear of the garden and generally keeping sway over the considerable rat population without batting a furry eyelid. 
In later years the rats enjoyed a reprieve of sorts while Pepsi favoured her spot beneath the garden's sun-dappled apple tree, keeping a watchful eye on the comings and going of the local cat population. 
I do seem to be more of a cat drawing person, but what a pleasure it was drawing 'Pepsi'! 
Many thanks Roger for the opportunity to draw a great commission.

A page from the fabulous Dandy comic strip 'Black Bob' drawn by Jack Prout.

The nature of this commission and the style of the finished artwork couldn't help but remind of a the old Dandy comic strip 'Black Bob' which featured the ongoing adventures of sheep dog Bob, drawn by the inimitable Jack Prout. 
Wow, it appears that this guy could draw anything - great stuff!

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